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Orange White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Orange White Chocolate Chip Cookies

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All purpose flour
Dried orange bits
White chocolate chips
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Sweet bites of happiness!
Are our handmade Cookies @Jarsamore, made from scratch using the finest quality of ingredients available . They are rolled with warmth and baked with LOVE, made using melted butter, making it extra soft & chewy, giving little crisp edges along with loaded goodness of our individual indulgent flavours.
There are more than 15 varieties of cookies available. The flavours include Choc Chip, Double dark, Coffee Walnut, Almond Joy, Almond Chocolate Chip, Lemon Cranberry , Cinnamon Oats Cranberry , Pistachio Coconut Apricot, Orange with white chocolate chip , Orange pistachio Cranberry, Nutella Bomb, Gems Delight, Mawa Masti, Bday Delight, and many more.

Our cookies are freshly baked upon order and are absolutely eggless and made in an eggfree facility. These homemade cookies are simply flavourful, yields thick, and are beautiful to enjoy as go to snack or a sweet treat through out your day.

We think that we all have our life’s rolling in one after another errands keeping us busy throughout and hence it is very important to take a moment to celebrate ourselves and treat to the best, with Cookies from Jarsamore!

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